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Kindle dictionary giveaway

For 5 days only, the Japanese English High Frequency Words Dictionary (for Kindle Paperwhite) is available for free! Please go to Amazon and one-click purchase it. It might work with other Kindles besides the Paperwhite. If it does, please leave a review on Amazon and let everybody know.  On Kindle Fire (tablet computers), you cannot set the default dictionary for look ups. Also be aware that the Kindle itself actually does the look up, not the dictionary. The Kindle dis-inflects verbs to the dictionary form before looking it up, so you might not always get the exact word you selected in your book as the result even if that word is in the dictionary. There is nothing that dictionary publishers can do about this.

Here are links to the dictionary in the various country stores of Amazon:

dictionary cover image

For the Kindle Paperwhite


2 Responses to “Kindle dictionary giveaway”

  1. Benkei says:

    I just wanna say, thanks a lot! I just started using it and it seems fantastic. A tad slow at loading the words sometimes, but comparing it to looking up the words yourself, it improved my reading speed tenfold.

    • Keith says:

      Thank you for the comment! Are you using a Paperwhite? I agree, it can be a bit slow. I guess because of all of the indexed words. The Kanji, the reading, and any additional readings or additional Kanji. But I cannot control how fast it works. Amazon will have to work on that. Even the pre-installed Japanese-Japanese dictionary is slow, I think.

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