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The Kindle dictionary giveaway period is now over. There were over 200 downloads of the free dictionary. Those of you who missed it will just have to fork over the $2 to buy a copy, or wait for the next giveaway. I think the dictionary is well worth the 2oo yen that it’s priced at. Having the Japanese English dictionary on your Kindle Paperwhite will save you lots of time looking up words by any other means. All you do is put your finger on the word that you want to look up while you are reading and release.  Then the Kindle looks the word up for you.  There’s no need to go to another device to look up a word.

If you have the Japanese-Japanese dictionary on your Paperwhite (at least everybody who purchased the Kindle in Japan does), this dictionary will be the fallback dictionary used when the automatic look up fails to find the word in the default dictionary. I wonder if it would work with 3 or more dictionaries. Most of the time, the words I look up are found in the Japanese English High Frequency Words Dictionary. Words that are found in the J-J dictionary, I try to read the definition but if I don’t understand it I don’t worry about it. Once I am at the point where I know all of the high frequency words, I should be able to fully understand the Japanese dictionary.

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