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JE HFW Dictionary updated

I have updated the Japanese English High Frequency Words Dictionary. Besides getting the latest source data to build the dictionary, I have created it a little differently so that now the entries can be found quickly when doing an in-book look up.

I also have put a page break after each entry in order to have the results of the look up show only one entry. I don’t know why the Kindle doesn’t do this correctly on its own. There is very little documentation about how to build dictionaries, so I think Amazon hasn’t put a lot of time into testing it and documenting it.

And lastly, I discovered that now Kindle books can be set to an even cheaper price. The price is set to 99 yen now. I set the US dollar price to 99 cents, but it is showing up at 82 cents.  I guess Amazon is still adjusting the price due to currency exchange rates. I have set the price for the dictionary to be offered in each country at the lowest price allowed.

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